Thank You!

It is with heavy hearts we need to inform you that the Pathways Foundation will be closing.

The Pathways Foundation team has diligently kept going through this perfect storm of drought, fires, floods, global pandemic, extreme weather events and economic uncertainty that have impacted our ability to deliver all our programs over the past few years.

We dreamt of a different way forward but in the end, we couldn’t sustain our model of delivery of rites of passage for young people at an achievable price for all and most critically we couldn’t find and develop a home for Pathways that would support a sustainable and thriving future.

The Pathways Foundation has been a registered harm prevention charity since 2002, but the source for the programs goes back many generations, to the days when a rite of passage was seen as an essential ingredient for stable and balanced communities, by supporting our young people and their families through this important transition to healthy adults.

The mission of the Pathways Foundation was to bring awareness to the importance of Rites of Passage to our contemporary society to this end, we have been a shining light and a great source of inspiration.

Pathways has trained hundreds of leaders, volunteers and supported many other organisations, and individuals to understand the process and find their own way of supporting our children to step across this important threshold.
Taking back into their families, workplaces and community valuable insights and tools that deepened connections and grew their leadership abilities.

We would like to thank all those individuals, corporations and charities that have supported this work, in whatever role that may have been. Thousands of families and young people have benefited, and had life changing experiences, allowing them to develop heart felt memories through deepening connections and shared experience.
The programs scheduled for 2023 have been cancelled and we will be contacting all the registered families to organise refunds and support their disappointment in any way we can.

Pathways throughout this magnificent journey has been guided by its values of Respect, Responsibility and Awareness from the very beginning and will continue to be guided by them to the end. Ensuring all the required responsibilities and accountabilities are completed with the same level of integrity and purpose. Yet the need remains. It is now up to others to continue this work.

With deep respect and gratitude
Paul Henley (DB) – Chair and Co-Founder Pathways Foundation on behalf of the Pathways Foundation Board.








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Camp Updates for 2020 and 2021

As a result of the recent new requirements for COVID-19 the Pathways Foundation Board has had to make the difficult decision to cancel all the upcoming Programs for 2020. All the participant families, staff and volunteers were looking forward to these Programs running so we share your disappointment, but the safety and wellbeing of our participants is most important.

Please find our 2021 Program dates here.

In the meantime, we are working hard to keep our young people, families and staff connected with online options ensuring our experience and knowledge as an organisation can support in any way we can.

Pathways will continue to stay in touch with all participant families and encourage any parents who are considering supporting their children to get in touch and learn more about life changing Programs.

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