Raising Teenagers School and Community Talks

Accredited speakers from the Pathways Foundation can be available to give a presentation on Raising Teenagers in Schools, in Corporate organisations and for Community organisations. The seminars are engaging and fun as parents and professionals gain skills and insights into parenting teenagers.

The Pathways Foundation is a registered harm prevention charity that is dedicated to assisting teenagers make a healthy, safe and timely transition from boy to young man and from girl to young woman. We have been running Rites of Passage programs since 1995 and from this experience we understand the needs of boys and girls as they grow towards adulthood. We share what we have learned with parents and professionals at our Raising Teenagers seminars.

Obviously parents play a huge role in either assisting or hindering their child’s transition into young adulthood. We support parents whilst they are on the bridge of adolescence with their young people by providing Raising Teenagers Seminars and by raising the public awareness of the fundamental role that Rites of Passage play in helping teenagers grow up emotionally.

This seminar is a standalone program that provides practical and useful tools that parents can adopt into their parenting practices. Our Raising Teenagers Seminars has been given in schools and to organisations throughout Australia for over 10 years with more than 15,000 parents, community members and professionals having attended.

The talk is most relevant for parents of Year 5 to year 10 students however the information in the talk is relevant to the wider community. Schools are asked to promote the talk to parents of the school and to make a donation to help cover the costs of providing the talk. Many schools also choose to make the talk available to the general public.

At the end of the talk there will be an opportunity to discuss our other programs YoungSTARS, ‘Pathways to Manhood’ and ‘Pathways into Womanhood’ and provide parents with a question and answer time.

For more information contact the Pathways Foundation by phoning 1300 850 766 or by emailing