PROGRAM: Men’s Leadership and Women’s Leadership Training

Our unique Leadership Development program provides you with skills, experience and ongoing mentoring in a safe, supportive environment as well as the opportunity for you to be renumerated for your contribution.

Leadership training begins with an initial four day residential program where distractions and worries are left behind. This unique Leadership program is part skills & theory based, part experiential and part personal development. Leader candidates are taken out of their ordinary lives which opens them to new experiences, new ways of being and an innovative and effective leadership model. This part of the training is a stand alone process and whilst there are many similarities between our Men’s Leadership program and our Women’s Leadership program there are important differences too.

Our men’s Leadership Training program provides opportunities for ongoing mentoring and leadership experience through our Pathways to Manhood and YoungSTARS programs.

Our women’s Leadership Training program also provides opportunities for ongoing mentoring and leadership experience through our Pathways into Womanhood programs.

Graduation and the number of camps required to achieve this depends on the individual. As a Pathways Leader you will be remunerated for Leading programs.

Participation in our training is life changing and the value of the program and the benefits to organisations is recognized by a number of our corporate supporters. The training is specifically designed so that even if you have nothing further to do with the Pathways Foundation and its programs, you will still gain enormous value from the experience and will be of great assistance in many other areas of your life.

If you would like to express your interest in attending a Pathways Leadership program or have any questions contact the Pathways office on 1300 850 766 or email:


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