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Program: Pathways into Womanhood

A contemporary, community based Rite of Passage for girls into womanhood which takes the form of a 5 day residential Programme for girls aged 12-15 years and their mothers or a close mentor in a beautiful bush setting.

The benefits of participation in this Programme include: increased self esteem and confidence, healthy acceptance of body, healthy peer relationships, stronger more supportive mother daughter relationship, greater self awareness, more confident communication, more respectful communication with peers and family and a deeper understanding of what it means to make the transition from girl to healthy woman psychology.

A girl’s body changes as she enters puberty but the body changes are not necessarily synchronized with emotional maturity. This can leave a girl vulnerable to try to emulate “popular” body image messages and can leave her disconnected from her natural, healthy body cycles and rhythms.

The shift from girl psychology to healthy woman psychology is one that requires support and guidance. The differences are fundamental and a Rite of Passage provides a foundation for this transition.

“During this outstanding Program I learnt so much about everything there is to be known about becoming a young woman and bonding with some amazing girls. It was worth the whole world and I will take every little bit home with me! All in all a fantastic experience I will have my whole life.”
– Zoe L.

Our girls can battle with daily anxiety with their peers and the deep desire to belong and be accepted for who they are. They can show this by trying to dress or act like everyone else and let go of passions and interests that once gave them much pleasure.

On the Pathways into Womanhood Program a strong and authentic community is formed where the girls are accepted for who they are and their gifts and intrinsic qualities shine through. The girls may arrive as strangers they leave with a community of strong, authentic and trusted friends that have supported each other to succeed.

The girls face challenges and together with the support of a diverse group of women who brought them to the PIW Program, guided by masterful leaders you are able to celebrate and witness her transition from girl to young woman.

Leave the day to day behind and invest the time to support her with this most important transition.

The Difference between Girl and Woman Psychology

The shift from girl to healthy woman psychology does not magically happen because she has started to menstruate or her body starts to change shape. The difference between the two is profound and a significant safe event is required supported by older women for this to happen. Without such an event there is a risk that girl psychology will persist well into adult years.


“I am so appreciative of the opportunity that I was afforded to spend time with my daughter and learn from the experiences of so many other inspiring women, young women and girls. I feel better equipped to now help my daughter realize her own potential and embrace life’s challenges.”

“I feel this experience has benefited me in so many ways. I have so much more understanding about being a woman. It was sooo great to be able to express my feelings knowing I wasn’t judged…”

“As a psychologist I see the tremendous potential this Program has to impact positively on young women and their families. I highly recommend it, not only for those whose daughters are struggling but also for those who would like to deepen and extend their daughter’s journey”
Eliza Bram