PROGRAM: Pathways to Manhood

A contemporary, community based Rite of Passage for boys into Manhood which takes the form of a 5 day bush camp for boys aged 13-15 years and their fathers or a male mentor. This award winning program has been running since 1995 and the difference this experience makes in the lives of the boys, their fathers and the entire family is profound.

As we all know, a boy’s body changes dramatically as he goes through puberty. Physically his body will become that of a man but it is still possible to be a “boy” as we see in our culture, in a mans body.

“A boy cannot turn into a man without the active intervention of older men.” – Robert Bly.

Independent research concludes that outcomes for attendees include, stronger communication skills and social confidence, Stronger more respectful and supportive father relationships, Increased respect for women, more motivated to set goals: Improved attitude towards finishing school, stronger desire to give back to their communities:

Fathers see their sons as less angry and anxious and more motivated and confidents: Mothers see their sons as more kind and as leaders. They also appear more confident and happy with where their lives are heading – more content with their situation.

The shift from boy psychology to healthy man psychology does not occur naturally. The differences are so fundamental that a Rite of Passage is required for this transformation to take place in a timely fashion.


Constantly seeks acknowledgement
Power is for me
I am the centre of the universe
I will live forever
I am ruled by my emotions
Takes no responsibility for actions
I want a mother


Has a mission
Power is for sharing
I am part of the universe
I know I am mortal
I can stand with my emotions
Takes full responsibility for actions
Seeks relationships with the feminine



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“I think this program makes such a difference to the young men and their families that I will do anything to get them there, including take them myself if I have to.”
Keith H
Pathways to Manhood mentor

“My son had come back from the Pathways Camp with a ‘fire-in-his-belly’ about the rest of his life… Pathways to Manhood program is amazing.”

“I got a better relationship with my Dad … so it helped with that. Yeah. Sometimes I tell other kids, ‘Don’t give up on your Dad even if it means not living with him but meeting up with him.”
Young Man