If you have been inspired by what we do on our life changing programmes there are a number of ways that you can achieve this:

1: If you have been on a programme

sharing your feelings about your experience is a great way to keep the experience alive for you and to inspire others to attend so their sons, daughters and family can reap the benefits too.

2: Forwarding on

our emails or newsletters to your networks about upcoming events.

3: Train to become a Pathways Leader

Men, women, young leaders with diverse backgrounds and skills who are inspired to learn more about the delivery and programme design for safe rites of passage from experts can attend our cutting edge leadership development programmes. Pathways leads the field in Rites of Passage in training and development. The Leadership development training is very relevant for anyone wanting to expand or enhance their leadership skills in their workplace setting.

4: Become a Volunteer

You may have skills, time or passion to put something back into your community by supporting the Pathways Foundation.

5: By making a tax deductible Donation

to the Pathways Foundation.

6: Parenting Teenagers Talks

Fun and interactive delivered at schools for parents or in community settings. Discussing social media, peer relationships, communicating with our teens. Parents will leave inspired and with practical tools.

7: Facebook

Like us on Facebook and receive lots of interesting and relevant information about our upcoming events and latest information and research about children, teens and parenting.

Want more information about any of the 7 ways to get involved fill in the enquiry form on our contact page and we will be in touch.

Please identify clearly what you are inquiring about.


“I think this program makes such a difference to the young men and their families that I will do anything to get them there, including take them myself if I have to.”
Keith H
Pathways to Manhood mentor

“My son had come back from the Pathways Camp with a ‘fire-in-his-belly’ about the rest of his life… Pathways to Manhood program is amazing.”

“I got a better relationship with my Dad … so it helped with that. Yeah. Sometimes I tell other kids, ‘Don’t give up on your Dad even if it means not living with him but meeting up with him.”
Young Man