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Pathways Foundation is a charitable, not-for-profit organisation that is registered as a Gift Deductible Recipient. Donations are tax deductible.

Pathways aims to build relationships with donor companies, private individuals, philanthropic organisations and others who may be able to financially assist Pathways.

Pathways needs funds to grow and expand and your donations help achieve this.

Donating to Pathways means making a contribution to the wellbeing of youth in this country. We believe it is one of the best investments anyone could make to benefit individual boys lives, girls lives, their families and our communities.

Huge thanks to all who have donated in the past, and to those who continue to give a regular donation. Can you help too?

The Pathways Foundation focus continues to be on supporting our young people and their futures.  We have 2 Key Goals in 2020

  • Building Fund. Pathways Foundation important development of its own venue for program delivery and to increase capacity to provide more Camps in Australia.  There is so much demand!
  • Scholarship Fund: The Pathways Scholarship Fund offers financial assistance for those families who could otherwise not afford to attend the program. A vital part of our mission and intention.

To get more information contact the Pathways Foundation office on 1300 850 766 or email: